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Kristen Krak | Actress, teaching artist, theater maker

About Me

Denver based but born and raised in Ohio, I frankly didn't realize how much of a Midwesterner I was until I left the Midwest. Six years in New York City made embraced it, however, and I have decided to walk proudly through life with my crooked smile. 

I hold BAs in both Theater and Psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University, spent a summer at The National Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, studied devised theater with DIVADLO ARCHA in Prague, and with various studios and coaches in NYC including Heidi Marhsall, Audition Arts, MN Acting Studios, Brian McManamon, and ESPA.  

As promised, here are some related and unrelated fun facts:

  • Esther in Meet Me in St Louis was a dream role I didn't know I dreamt about until I was on stage every night trying to not giggle too much while singing the Trolly Song.

  • Being a Covid-era understudy for the 3 female actor/musician roles in Denver Center's world premiere of Wild Fire was an experience like none other - thank god for Line Learner.

  • I am studying ASL with the wonderful folks at the Sign Language Center!

  • I got the 90 page script for my first lead in a feature film 2 weeks before our one week shoot, and I have yet to meet a more hard working and dedicated cast and crew.

  • My favorite auditions are the ones where my guitar, Jack, can accompany me.

  • A dream I knew that I had was to be a part of the Williamstown Theater Festival Non-Equity Company, and it all came true in Summer of 2019 - from the giant Community Works production to the gritty work in the directors studio to every one day reading in between. 

  • I was homeschooled up until high school when I 360-ed and we to public school. 

  • When not performing, you can probably find me working with kiddos or running our business, MisoHeat chili paste!

P.S. In case you're curious, it's Krak like a crocodile! 

Kristen Krak

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